How to sell a domain name!

Guide to selling a domain name


2/18/20221 min read

How to sell a domain name

Before trying to sell your domain name, it's important to make sure the name you are selling has commercial viability, by this I mean the name makes sense, it's brandable or has exciting end users who are actively using that name within the company. For Example: You own and there are companies called or 

Ok so you have a commercially viable domain name, now you need to understand all domain names even are worth $0 to company A and $10m to company B - it's your job to find the company who will gain the most value from owning it, as they would naturally pay the most for it!

Your next step is to put the name on the market either on established marketplaces like etc etc or actively outreach to potential end users via email, call or social media. End users rarely spend their days surfing domain market places unless they are actively looking for a specific name. Most domain sales sites are 99% resellers (domainers) looking for a bargain to resell further down the line to an end user. If you're looking for a quick flip then list the domain on such marketplaces with a lower price - the gold is selling to end users.

When outreaching to an end user depending on the size of the company try and target the CTO/ IT Director / VP IT / CIO / CMO - these are the people who will most likely understand the importance of domain names, targeting the CEO may not always be the best option and they will be more on board if the sales pitch came internally to his/her desk from there trusted CTO rather than a cold email!

Utilise Linkedin to contact relevant staff or sales software platforms like Rocketreach to gain email address and phone numbers - narrow down your criteria for a higher chance of a sale.

how to sell a domain name
how to sell a domain name